Unemployed singer needed beautiful talkative

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More than ever, I am an interpreter without taboos who needs to experience sensuality. My existence has to change, with the next man I'll be active! A lot of gallant machos have no idea about women - what about you? Which well-read playmate is interested and needs a date? On photos I have seen locations that I finally want to experience again. I've been without a boyfriend for a few years now, I want to kiss normally asap - without a permanent friendship. My last lover is gone now urgently I am looking for a friendship plus.

Star signs fish
Interests: Strange place, eating out beforehand, taking a shower
Hobbies: bowling, museum, crocheting
Music: Punk, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie
Food: Bratwurst, Brussels sprouts, semolina dumplings
Drink: Schwip Schwap, beer, Akvavit

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