Open-minded doctor likes bald well-dressed ones

Young women

I consider myself a loud rider who wants to kiss for hours. My existence needs change, I'll change something for the future! Many well-groomed guys hang out with others online - can you do better? Which perfectly normal admirer has free time and is looking for adventures with me? I looked at places on the net that I want to try soon. I've been without a lover for years, but I would finally like to touch one another in private again - please without an official relationship. My separated boy can stay where the pepper grows, I desperately want tenderness.

Star sign Cancer
Interests: weekend meetings, discretion, toys
Hobbies: Dance, amusement parks, painting
Music: Rhythm and Blues, Howlin' Wolf, Tom Petty
Food: schnitzel, gratin, rhubarb dessert
Drink: Cola-Zero, Altbier, Harvey Wallbanger

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