Open-minded goldsmith wants to feed listeners well

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Pretentious beautiful sweethearts are not gentlemen at all - can you do better? Above all, I am a young-at-heart textile tailor who wants to feel touch. My everyday life is getting on my nerves, now I'm taking the initiative! Which intelligent gentleman finds me interesting and is looking for a private date? I found places online that I now want to have had. My undressed macho has no manners, currently I want a new man. I've been without a boyfriend for a few years now, but today I could only touch each other - certainly without inhibitions.

Star signs fish
Interests: spontaneous date, casual, underwear
Hobbies: Volleyball, playing the piano, computer games
Music: Hip Hop, Metallica, Tina Turner
Food: meat, risotto, carrot cake
Drink: Cola, Maerzen beer, gin and tonic

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