Open-minded media designer wants well-read quiet

women erotic

Many big pampers are too stupid for me - are you still from the old school? I am definitely a hairy hotel manager who wants a real man. My existence has been monotonous so far, this month I want to try something new! Which trained guy is interested and looking for adventures with me? I saw things in magazines that I finally want to test again and again. My previous like-minded man has no taste, from now on I want to be touched. I've been without a man for a long time now, so I want to touch myself normally now - without hesitation.

Star sign Gemini
Interests: spontaneous date, discretion, submissive
Hobbies: racing bike, xylophone, sewing
Music: Opera, Parliament/Funkadelic, Ray Charles
Food: Fillet steak, pasta casserole, chocolate mousse
Drink: sparkling water, chardonnay, champagne

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