Charming seamstress covets good-kissing perfectly normal

Small women

Haughty humorous gentlemen don't know anything - are you still from the old school? Above all, I am a chubby surfer who needs to feel touch. This existence has to change, now I'm taking the initiative! What groomed like-minded guy is single and in need of meeting dates? In magazines I discovered places that I finally want to feel again and again. My previous love didn't understand me, from now on I need a new guy. I've been without a man for a while, understandably I want to kiss normally as soon as possible - but without real feelings.

Zodiac sign: Virgo
Interests: casual date, F plus, mouth
Hobbies: cycling, travelling, sewing
Music: Classical, Pink Floyd, Diana Ross
Food: meat, couscous, chocolate muffins
Drink: Fanta, malt beer, martini

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