Courageous occupational therapist needs confident understanding

contact with women

Young experienced darlings are tired - are you still from the old school? All my life I was a sporty graphic designer who wanted to experience eroticism. My present no longer suits me, for the future I will be braver! What normal lover is into me and needs an adventure? I've seen practices in magazines that I want to test this year. My last boyfriend doesn't know how to deal with women, I'm looking for everything from tender to hard. I've been without a boyfriend for a long time now, but I'd like to be close tomorrow - but then without a shared household.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Interests: Spontaneous dating, Anonymous, Outdoors
Hobbies: Inline skates, travelling, painting
Music: Rock 'n' Roll, Queen, Eminem
Food: schnitzel, pasta casserole, pudding
Drink: Spezi, Berliner Weisse, Prosecco

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