Honest skier demands bald confident one

Free grandma

Today's shaved mates have no style - what about you? Throughout my life I was a sports clerk worth seeing who had to feel touched. The past is crying out for change, with a lot of courage I'll take action! What secure cavalier has the day off and needs a blind date? I've discovered practices in books that I'd like to try every once in a while this week. My previous husband had no idea about women, currently I'm looking for a new guy. I've been without a partner for a long time, but tomorrow I should be close like I used to be - then without official friendship, please.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Interests: Only on weekdays, something binding, outdoors
Hobbies: sport flying, violin, origami
Music: Opera, Cream, Prince
Food: fillet steak, bread dumplings, apple casserole
Drink: OJ, Chardonnay, Asti Spumante

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