Lone cleaner demands well-off well-read

Pretty grannies

Inexperienced generous lovers are not honest - will you show me otherwise? I describe myself as a characterful tax clerk who needs to kiss. Life doesn't bring it anymore, today I let myself be pampered! Which bald womanizer finds me interesting and wants to meet in person? In notebooks I have discovered practices that I would like to feel from time to time this week. My partner who has moved out doesn't know what he wants either, after that I like a new lover. I've been without a lover for what feels like an eternity now, so I could kiss out loud as soon as possible - without being shy for me.

Star signs fish
Interests: During the week, eating out beforehand, cuddling
Hobbies: ice skating, shopping, mosaic
Music: Rock, Led Zeppelin, Little Richard
Food: Meatballs, potato muffins, grapefruit
Drink: Schweppes, Merlot, Asti Spumante

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