Vain volleyball player desires beautiful well-read

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Conceited eloquent lovers are unfaithful - are you an exception? All my life I was a strong skier who wanted to make new contacts. My existence has been monotonous so far, this month I will be active! Which polite spoiler is interested in me and needs to arrange a date? I looked at ideas in illustrated books that I now want to test out. My longtime friend has to flirt all the time, now I want something different. I've been without a boyfriend for a few years, but now I want to fumble discreetly as soon as possible - certainly without a solid friendship.

Star sign Cancer
Interests: Spontaneous date, anonymous, foreplay
Hobbies: volleyball, singing, origami
Music: Rock 'n' Roll, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin
Food: Goulash, pasta casserole, Püfferjes
Drink: Water, Pinot Noir, Vodka Lemon

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