Esoteric physical education teacher wants adored muscular

Friendship plus

Arrogant well-groomed sweethearts just hang around - can you do better? I'm definitely a trained jogger who wants to kiss for a long time. My life has to change, from now on morality can take its toll on me! Which strong companion has time and likes adventures? In magazines I looked at locations that I would like to try again and again as soon as possible. My undressed boyfriend has no style, fast I like a friendship plus. I've been without a lover for a long time, so I should have normal closeness during the day - but without hesitation.

Interests: hotel meetings, discretion, mouth
Hobbies: MTB, xylophone, crocheting
Music: Pop, Velvet Underground, John Lennon
Food: steak, fries, pudding
Drink: 7up, Sauvignon Blanc, Gin Tonic

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