Well-groomed ballet dancer would like sporty well-groomed


Young well-dressed playmates aren't honest - do you make a difference? I describe myself as an authentic dietician who wants a real guy. My life is crying out for change, in the next phase of life I will no longer be considerate! Which funny like-minded person is interested in me and needs a discreet meeting? In magazines I looked at places that I would like to see again and again in the future. My previous cavalier wasn't honest with me, I quickly like security. I've been single for a few months now, so I'd still like to be close tonight - certainly without a permanent connection.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Interests: blind date, gentleman, role playing
Hobbies: swimming, acting, reading
Music: Rock, Allman Brothers Band, Jimi Hendrix
Food: roulades, pasta, tiramisu
Drink: 7up, Gewürztraminer, Bloody Mary

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