Faithful seamstress needed polite sly

Ladies over 40

More and more powerful Casanovas have no taste - are you the proof to the contrary? All my life I have been a cheeky doctor who needs to make new contacts. Everyday life is monotonous, with the next man I let myself be pampered! What masculine husband is interested and wants new experiences? In notebooks I looked at ideas that I would like to have had. My companion of many years is just hanging around, now I'm looking for security. I've been single for a long time now, so I must love to kiss tonight - without much hesitation.

Astrological sign Leo
Interests: Weekdays only, F plus, in the shower
Hobbies: skating, photography, jigsaw puzzles
Music: Pop, The Byrds, Al Green
Food: turkey schnitzel, spaghetti, panna cotta
Drink: still water, lager, Asti

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