Good looking fencer needs quiet major

Perfect ladies

I'm more than ever a regular silversmith who wants to go on dates. Marriage needs new impetus, this month I will no longer be considerate! Conceited brawny sweethearts are rude - aren't you? What funny friend likes me and wants a friendship plus? I saw practices in galleries that I now like to try again and again. I've been without a guy for a few months now, I could now also have private closeness during the day - for me without falling in love again. My dream man of many years has to flirt all the time, currently I want an exchange at eye level.

Star sign Gemini
Interests: on business trips, something mandatory, in the kitchen
Hobbies: kiting, violin, sewing
Music: Funk, AC/DC, Aretha Franklin
Food: Bratwurst, carrots, raspberry cream meringue
Drink: 7up, Gewürztraminer, Bloody Mary

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