Hairy female boxer needs healthy handsome

Private Housewives

Today's Masculine Companions Have Strange Opinions - Do You Make A Difference? I'm a skinny triathlete who wants to feel touch. Everyday life is boring, this year I will be braver! Which polite friend finds something in me and needs to arrange a private date? In galleries I discovered things that I may have had again and again very soon. My last boy is too boring for me, I am urgently looking for tenderness. I've been without a man for a few months, so I have to kiss like everyone else - certainly without pulling together.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Interests: During the week, friendship+, submissive
Hobbies: gliding, shopping, painting
Music: Classical, The Doors, Patti Smith
Food: fillet steak, basmati rice, chocolate
Drink: orange juice, cellar beer, Akvavit

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