Reasonably attractive singer covets bald steadfast

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I call myself a tight rower who needs to feel hands. My marriage is boring, in the next phase of my life I take the initiative! Young sweet-smelling darlings are too stupid for me - are you the proof to the contrary? What real sweetheart has time and likes new experiences? On the www I found places that I would like to visit again and again as soon as possible. I've been without a boyfriend for a long time, so I want to fiddle around like everyone else tomorrow - but please without emotional closeness. My previous athlete is up and running, I'm looking for a friendship plus immediately.

Interests: on business trips, infidelity, role-playing games
Hobbies: snowboarding, amusement parks, crocheting
Music: Opera, The Doors, Otis Redding
Food: Meatballs, Brussels sprouts, Helene pear
Drink: Bionade, Müller-Thurgau, Pisco Sour

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