Pretty house cleaner needs well fed confident


I am an affectionate occupational therapist looking to make new connections. The relationship doesn't go on like this, right now I'm open to everything! More and more pleasant dream men are really stupid - what about you? Which adored admirer finds something in me and needs a personal meeting? I saw ideas in the newspaper that I currently want to experience from time to time. I've been without a lover for a few years now, so today I would love to touch each other - but then without falling in love again. My undressed mate wasn't honest with me, now I want a new guy.

Star signs fish
Interests: Date, discretion, outdoors
Hobbies: motor boat, amusement parks, origami
Music: Rhythm and Blues, Allman Brothers Band, Elvis Costello
Food: Goose, potato pancakes, eggnog cream
Drink: Bionade, Altbier, screwdriver

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