Intelligent music teacher requires intelligent well-dressed

Nice legs

I'm still a spontaneous boxer who doesn't want to experience a long wait. My existence can't go on like this, now I'll change something! Arrogant tender men are not honest with me - are you showing me the opposite? What manly man is into me and needs a date? I found ideas on the internet that I would like to have experienced as soon as possible. I've been without a partner for a few years now, but from now on I can touch each other discreetly - certainly without being shy. My separated playmate is gone now, currently I want a new boyfriend.

Zodiac sign: Libra
Interests: blind date, something regular, shaving
Hobbies: bowling, gardening, arranging flowers
Music: Rock, Metallica, Tupac Shakur
Food: cutlets, pasta bake, orange cream
Drink: OJ, lager, hot fizz

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