Interesting jogger wants to be well-fed well-groomed

Pretty women

Many big partners are boring - are you the proof to the contrary? I'm totally a curvy pole dancer who wants to kiss nicely. My existence has to change, today I'm changing something! Which initiative companion is interested and wants an affair? In magazines I have discovered places that I would like to feel again this year. My former gentleman needs a break, I urgently want physical contact. I haven't had a boyfriend for a long time, but I would already be fumbling like the others tomorrow - but without a real partnership.

Zodiac sign: Virgo
Interests: WE meetings, cheating, foreplay
Hobbies: tennis, singing, enamelling
Music: Country, Eagles, Smokey Robinson
Food: turkey escalope, noodles, tiramisu
Drink: Bionade, rose wine, Jack Daniels

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