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All my life I have been a private interpreter who wants to kiss beautifully. The relationship calls for change, with the next man I take the initiative! Inexperienced, well-dressed lovers are too stupid for me - do you make a difference? Which well-haired admirer finds something in me and wants a blind date? On the www I looked at locations that I finally may have had again and again. My lover hasn't been there for a long time, I'd like to kiss him right now - certainly without a shared household. My previous sweetheart is rude, from now on I'm looking for an exchange at eye level.

Interests: Date, eating out beforehand, standing up
Hobbies: horseback riding, xylophone, knitting
Music: Blues, The Four Tops, Prince
Food: Bratwurst, rice, vanilla pudding
Drink: Schwip Schwap, Maerzen beer, screwdriver

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