Tasty doctor's assistant wants to communicate haircut

Pretty face

I describe myself as an honest textile tailor who has to kiss for a long time. My existence cannot go on like this, with a lot of courage I will become more active! Many solvent boys are not honest with me - are you still from the old school? Which slim lover finds something in me and is looking for a blind date? I discovered practices in books that I would now like to have had. I've been without a man for a long time, so I would now also touch during the day like everyone else - but then without emotional closeness. My previous lover was unfaithful, I'm looking for a friendship plus immediately.

Star sign Cancer
Interests: strange place, cheating, in the shower
Hobbies: roller skates, astrology, origami
Music: Pop, Howlin' Wolf, James Taylor
Food: Roast goose, dumplings, raspberry cream meringue
Drink: Capri Sun, red wine, martini

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