Funny wife likes funny beautiful

Slim figure

I continue to be an enterprising triathlete who wants to feel touch. Life doesn't go on like this, today I want to experiment! A lot of scented admirers are boring - are you still from the old school? What handsome guy has a day off and needs a private meetup? I discovered ideas online that I immediately want to experience again and again. I've been without a lover for a few years now, I can fiddle around tomorrow – certainly without falling in love. My previous gentleman was unfaithful, I am urgently looking for a new guy.

Star sign Cancer
Interests: During the week, friendship+, public
Hobbies: Table tennis, shopping, arranging flowers
Music: Folk, Grateful Dead, Hank Williams
Food: chops, carrots, puffs
Drink: water, wheat beer, vodka lemon

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