Unshaven sailor likes confident confident

Pretty young lady

More and more self-confident womanizers are not honest with me - are you one of the better ones? I am more than ever a hairy kindergarten teacher who wants to make new contacts. My present needs new impulses, from now on I will be braver! What fun spoiler has the day off and wants a date? In Galleries I looked at places I may have had this month. My previous lover is gone now, from now on I want an equal exchange. I've been alone for a few years, I have to kiss tonight - at least without inhibitions.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Interests: WE meetings, F plus, dirty talk
Hobbies: mountain biking, dog training, reading
Music: Classical, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Food: Roast beef, squash, crepes
Drink: Capri-Sonne, Maerzen beer, screwdriver

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