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All my life I was an open pole dancer who wants to experience eroticism. My marriage will not continue in this way, for the future I will be more active! Today's body-conscious babes aren't gentlemen at all - are you showing me the opposite? What quiet gentleman has time and wants a tryst? On the Internet I looked at places that I finally want to feel. I've been without a lover for what feels like an eternity, I want to fiddle around tomorrow morning - for myself without pulling together. My last darling is not a gentleman at all, now I want everything from tender to hard.

Astrological sign Leo
Interests: blind date, relationship, kissing
Hobbies: tennis, playing the piano, knitting
Music: Opera, AC/DC, Carl Perkins
Food: pork schnitzel, fries, panna cotta
Drink: Fanta, Riesling, Long Island Iced Tea

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