Normal single woman is looking for perfectly normal cool ones

Great lady

I am totally a tender building cleaner who prefers to be spontaneous. My everyday life has been monotonous so far, in the next phase of my life I will no longer be considerate! Inexperienced slim cavaliers are impossible - can you prove otherwise? Which dominant boy finds something in me and needs an adventure? I have seen positions in books that I would like to experience soon. I've been single for months, but now I finally have to fumble spontaneously - but without real friendship. My last womanizer is gone now, today I like a friendship plus.

Star signs fish
Interests: casual date, friendship+, shaving
Hobbies: sailing, airbrush, mosaic
Music: Rhythm and Blues, Cream, Everly Brothers
Food: schnitzel, gratin, carrot cake
Drink: Sinalco, rose wine, daiquiri

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