Open-hearted painter needs totally shaved listeners

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I'm more than ever an interesting photographer who doesn't want to experience a long wait. Life is really boring, this year I'm open to everything! More and more confident lovers are fed up - what about you? What quiet athlete is interested and needs dating? I saw things in photos that I would like to experience today. I haven't had a boyfriend for a long time, so I just have to touch each other tomorrow - at least without hesitation. My previous dream man has no taste, now I like a new guy.

Zodiac sign: Virgo
Interests: on business trips, adventure, outdoors
Hobbies: badminton, shopping, puzzles
Music: Rock'n Roll, The Sex Pistols, Buddy Holly
Food: turkey schnitzel, spaetzle, coffee mousse
Drink: Schweppes, Pinot Noir, Planters Punch

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