Perfect rower covets well-spoken, perfectly normal

delicate women

I'm definitely a charming athlete who likes to experience a certain sparkle. Everyday life needs new impulses, from now on I want to try something new! Today's active hunks aren't honest - are you an exception? Which bald Casanova finds me interesting and wants to go on private dates? In books I have seen places that I currently want to try again and again. I've been without anyone for a long time now, I would like to kiss well today - but please without a real relationship. My longtime womanizer wasn't honest with me, today I'm looking for a new guy.

Star sign Taurus
Interests: Date, F plus, underwear
Hobbies: ice skating, camping, jigsaw puzzles
Music: Rhythm and Blues, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye
Food: Steak, rosemary potatoes, eggnog cream
Drink: Apple juice, Maerzen beer, Sex on the Beach

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