Sentimental tennis player covets long-haired vegan

contact with women

I continue to be a hairy triathlete who wants to feel hands. My life needs change, with the right lover I take the initiative! Many perfectly normal men are really stupid - are you the proof to the contrary? Which secured partner is into me and wants new experiences? I looked at places on the net that I want to test again this year. I've been single forever now, but I could touch each other like I used to - but without unnecessary shyness. My separated husband has no taste, immediately I want an exchange at eye level.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Interests: Once a week, fling, outdoors
Hobbies: Sport flying, singing, reading
Music: Opera, The Temptations, Prince
Food: steak, vegetables, strawberries
Drink: OJ, Cabernet Sauvignon, Long Island Iced Tea

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