Simple volleyball player requires pleasant masculine

Shaved grannies

Many haired admirers are impossible - do you make a difference? I'm a total strapping masseuse who wants dates. My present doesn't go on like this, the next guy comes alive! Which attractive gentleman likes me and likes a tryst? I looked at ideas in notebooks that I currently want to feel again and again. My longtime lover needs something different, currently I want security. I've been without a lover for a long time, so I want to kiss her tenderly asap - without introducing my friends, if you like.

Star sign Taurus
Interests: During the week, eating out beforehand, cuddling
Hobbies: Sailing, singing, puzzles
Music: Blues, Sly and the Family Stone, Sam Cooke
Food: Cheeseburger, dumplings, raspberry cream meringue
Drink: Cola-Zero, light beer, vodka

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