Single designer needs well fed confident

Plump lady

Young accepted guys are tricking me - are you from the old school? I'm more than ever an attractive cross trainer who needs a nice kiss. My everyday life is crying out for change, now I want to try something new! Which non smoking partner is interested and looking for dates? In illustrated books I have discovered places that I want to feel immediately. My previous guy was impossible, I really want physical contact. I've been without anyone for a few months, I would finally kiss now - without a real partnership, if you like.

Zodiac sign: Libra
Interests: spontaneous date, anonymous, toys
Hobbies: gliding, travelling, jigsaw puzzles
Music: Jazz, The Drifters, Joni Mitchell
Food: fillet steak, potatoes, custard
Drink: Schweppes, Gewürztraminer, Moet Chandon

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