Spontaneous joggers like long-haired active ones

mature woman

Today's big suitors don't know how to treat women - are you showing me the opposite? I describe myself as a beautiful interior decorator who wants to experience something new. My presence doesn't go on like this, from now on I'll let myself be spoiled! Which stylish companion has time and would like a discreet meeting? I saw things in magazines that I want to test soon. My previous like-minded man didn't make it, I immediately like security. I've been without a lover for a very long time, but I just want to fiddle around today - for me without commitment.

Astrological sign Leo
Interests: Meeting outdoors, adventures, kissing
Hobbies: sailing, sauna, mosaic
Music: Swing, Simon and Garfunkel, Chuck Berry
Food: roast goose, risotto, currants
Drink: Coca-Cola, Sauvignon Blanc, Prince Metternich

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