Proud masseuse needs masculine perky

Ladies over 60

Polite young bachelors don't know a thing about women - are you an exception? I've been a freelance fashion designer all my life who must have a real guy. My existence cries out to heaven, now I want to experiment! What normal sweetheart is single and looking for a face-to-face meeting? In pictures I looked at practices that I like to experience from time to time today. My previous bachelor has no style, immediately I like body contact. I've been without a lover forever, so I just want to touch each other again - at least without a permanent connection.

Star sign Gemini
Interests: WE meetings, F+, massage
Hobbies: diving, guitar, decorating
Music: Pop, The Doors, Diana Ross
Food: cutlets, spaetzle, eggnog cream
Drink: Coca-Cola, Altbier, Margarita

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