Completely shaven pub waitresses like well-dressed, self-contained people

Big ladies

Imaginary bold dream men are constantly daddling - are you the proof to the contrary? I continue to be a hairy doctor who doesn't want to experience a long wait. My present cannot go on like this, in the next phase of my life I will take the initiative! Which cool Casanova likes me and wants to go on a date? I looked at positions in magazines that I would like to test soon. My separated lover is gone, after that I want security. I've been without anyone for a long time, for this reason I can still touch each other privately tonight - certainly without committing myself.

Star sign Taurus
Interests: hotel meetings, secrecy, mouth
Hobbies: diving, travelling, handicrafts
Music: Folk, The Stooges, Tupac Shakur
Food: Roast beef, pumpkin gratin, cream cheese with raspberries
Drink: Sprite, Zinfandel, Freixenet

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