Totally shaved surfer wants talkative tender


More and more healthy buddies are fed up - can you show me the opposite? I've always been a hairy fitness clerk who wants to experience sensuality. My existence should change, I want to try something new with the next man! Which charming boy is interested and looking for private dates? I discovered things in pictures that I want to feel again and again this year. My previous Womanizer is too boring for me, now I like something new. I've been without a boyfriend for a few months, but now I finally have to kiss normally - for me without anything solid.

Astrological sign Leo
Interests: Meeting outside, something binding, toys
Hobbies: diving, xylophone, mosaic
Music: Jazz, The Clash, Muddy Waters
Food: Cheeseburgers, sweet potatoes, chocolate muffins
Drink: Cola, Pils, Jack Daniels

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