Completely normal footballer likes quiet monkey horny

hairy ladies

Imaginary mobile playmates have no taste - are you the proof to the contrary? I describe myself as an optimistic bank clerk who needs to feel touched. My marriage has been monotonous so far, now I want to try everything! Which experienced macho is interested in me and is looking for an adventure? I saw things in books that I still want to try again today. My previous playmate is really stupid, after that I like physical contact. I've been without a partner for a long time, so I can touch each other deliciously as soon as possible - certainly without real friendship.

Star sign Gemini
Interests: Once a week, gentleman, foreplay
Hobbies: swimming, concerts, sewing
Music: Rock, The Doors, Chuck Berry
Food: turkey escalope, dumplings, grapefruit
Drink: 7up, Koelsch, Long Island Iced Tea

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