Perfectly normal dancer wants intelligent male

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I am totally an attentive fashion seamstress who wants to experience something new. My marriage has been monotonous so far, I want to experiment with a lot of courage! Inexperienced muscular womanizers are really weird - are you an exception? Which well-shaven sportsman has free time and is looking for a meeting? I've seen ideas online that I want to feel now and then. I've been without a lover for a long time now, so I can touch each other privately as soon as possible - but please don't hesitate. My previous boy didn't bring it, from now on I want everything from tender to hard.

Star signs fish
Interests: WE meetings, friendship plus, in the shower
Hobbies: skating, shopping, reading
Music: Opera, Allman Brothers Band, Curtis Mayfield
Food: fillet steak, potatoes, apple tiramisu
Drink: still water, merlot, martini

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