Delicate interpreter wants intelligent calm in itself

Great lady

Imaginary older sweethearts hanging out online - are you showing me the opposite? I am first and foremost a chubby tailor who needs to make out for hours. The relationship is really boring, with the right lover I don't care anymore! Which polite lover has time and needs to arrange private dates? I saw ideas in pictures that I now want to try again and again. My previous boyfriend has to flirt all the time, I'm looking for something new right away. I've been without a boyfriend for a long time, but I want to kiss privately today - without an official relationship, if you like.

Zodiac sign: Virgo
Interests: Weekend meetings, gentleman, outdoors
Hobbies: golf, airbrush, origami
Music: Country, The Shirelles, Van Morrison
Food: beef roulades, couscous, currants
Drink: Sprite, bock beer, martini

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